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About FutureCorps

FutureCorps, the largest student-driven community service project on Long Island

For 17 years, Newsday's FutureCorps recognized more than one million Long Island students whose ideas and actions have made a difference in the world around them. Now, FutureCorps has become an Optimum Community program. Optimum Community is thrilled to continue the tradition of sharing the students’ efforts and inspiring others to make a difference where they live.

If your school has a community-service project planned for K-12 students, let us know about it!  We will continue to highlight your project on optimum.net/community.  Also, twice a week, we will feature schools that are making a difference on Long Island in Newsday. Optimum Community will also include highlights from Charity Champions, an Optimum Community high school program that promotes and rewards volunteerism and charitable giving.